Acoustic / Electric Classical Guitar

The Cordoba Fusion Series:                                        I haven’t talked about Classical Guitars at all yet. Mainly due to the fact, the style of playing is quite different. Having said that, the Nylon Strings feature, is very attractive for … Read more

The Best Beginners Guitars

Hey everyone, Glenn here again with The Best Guitar World. I know we have been chatting about the best electric guitars and the best acoustic guitars, But how do we know what Brand or model to look for if we are just beginning our guitar journey? Well, there are many things to take into consideration … Read more

Top 10 Electric Guitar Brands

                     Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Brands: Hello everyone, Glenn here with another edition of the “BEST OF”. Today, as promised, I am going to list the Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Brands. This list is comprised of 4 other lists that I researched, and they … Read more

What Are The BEST Brand Guitars?

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The Best Guitar Players – All Time

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The Best Guitar Songs For Beginners

                 As you must already know, there are many types of genres and styles of music. What we like is totally dependent on our own style or choices of sound. Hey all, Glenn here with The Best Guitar World. I thought we would take a step back from … Read more

Basic Guitar Accessories

Hello again, Glenn here with The Best Guitar World. Today I want to discuss a little bit about simple guitar accessories. Things that may not be needed, But, could be a Great benefit to you in the future, even if they are not right now. These common accessories can be acquired for a pretty low … Read more

Getting To Know MORE About The Guitar

I don’t really think it is Unrealistic to know something about the guitar if you are serious about learning how to play it. Who knows, maybe someday you will be Passionate enough to want to build your own…but until then, that is a totally separate topic, and we really want to concentrate on learning the … Read more