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Welcome to The Best Guitar World. A place to come and relax. My name is Glenn, and I have been playing guitar for about 50 years now. I can’t read music, and until recently I couldn’t even read tabs. Even now I’m not that great at reading tabs, BUT, I do Love the guitar. My big brother taught me a C, G, and D chord when I was 8 years old. That’s where my passion began. I love the interaction between myself and my guitar when I am playing. There is a state of relaxation that I have always felt while holding my guitar.

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Why come to The Best Guitar World? That is a very good question? Why should anybody even consider reading the Articles, or listening to some of the recordings, or looking at some of the images. WHY? Because this is a level playing field for ALL guitarists. Anyone that is interested in just learning about guitars. The History, the sound, the make up. It is all here.

Whether you are a Beginner, an Intermediate Player or a Pro. We all have that same Passion. We all want to improve, and we all want to have fun. This is the place to relax and just DO THAT! Here…you are never judged, or classed. We are all exchanging ideas, recommendations, and, most of all, our Love of the Guitar ?

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Fast forward to 50 years later. Back in September, when I was still 57, I decided it was time for me to learn some things about the guitar itself, and how to actually solo, or play some lead.

be the change

After 50 years of playing guitar, but not knowing much about what I was doing, I decided to create a place where fellow guitar lovers could come and learn all about them. Have you ever sat down and started playing guitar for some friends,  have somebody ask you a question, either about the guitar itself, or, the types, or differences, and not have any answers? I’ve experienced that a few times in my life, and it wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t like the feeling, and vowed I would change that!


A lot of casual guitar players today want the Best. They want to own the best guitars, the best gear. It’s crazy!! Everything has been blown WAY out of proportion, all because of advertising and in Most cases GREED! Those that want simple, can’t find it. What ever happened to the guy down the street that used to play around the campfire for fun. In Fact – Check out one of my Articles. Great guitars, both acoustic and electric, and at prices that won’t leave you in the poor house – Have a Look

Why is it so important to be the Best and own the Best. I have found in todays Society, there are many things that can turn a beginner guitarist completely OFF, leading them to putting their guitar away! This is sad, and certainly UNNESSARY! You Never need to be the Best, and you certainly do not need to pay 1000s of dollars for a great sounding guitar.


moving forward

There is only one place to go. I love this saying. It’s both Simple & Powerful. The time has come to realize the guitar itself is an amazing instrument. We Love it no matter what. Maybe we don’t play as well as Buck Owens, or Eddy Van Halen, or Eric Clapton….BUT, so what, we still play. Why, because it’s enjoyable and relaxing.

So, if you want to learn a little bit about the guitar, this is definitely the place to be. Whether it be the build, the fret board notes, or the set up. Here we can help you learn about all these things. Maybe you just want to learn about the History of the guitar, or the evolution, the Marketing, or the many, many makes and designs.

This is where you can learn anything that suits your fancy.                                                                                       And if you would like to learn how Even solo like the Pros – check this out!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you enjoyed your visit ?

All the best,


Founder & Creator of I Love Guitars

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