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The Cordoba Fusion Series:


I haven’t talked about Classical Guitars at all yet. Mainly due to the fact, the style of playing is quite different. Having said that, the Nylon Strings feature, is very attractive for Beginner guitarists. The Nylon is much easier on the finger tips, making it much easier to chord, and cover notes.

The Classical guitar is not only great for beginners because of the strings, BUT, they are also available in the acoustic / electric style allowing for an amplified session.

The line I would like to discuss, is a more affordable, BUT, very well built and revered line. It not only offers great Beginner Guitarist features, But it also appeals to any guitarist that wants to learn fingerpicking style guitar. Not to say you cannot learn the same things on a Classical as you can on a steel string Acoustic or electric, it just lends to a different sound and feel.

Cordoba Fusion 12 Natural Classical

The guitars pictured above are all Fusion 12’s. Each one is a slightly different look, But they are all very smart looking. There is a great selection in the Fusion line of guitars, But for now I would like to focus on the Fusion 12 Natural Classic – Solid Cedar Top

The Build:                       

This guitar has a Solid Cedar top which tends to emphasize the lower end more. The sides and back are mahogany which give this baby a full body tone with plenty of warmth. Because of a Mahogany neck, and a Rosewood fretboard, this guitar pushes the lower and mid tones, and provides an ample amount of sustain. The fingerboard is smooth to the touch, and the action allows the nylon strings to hug closely allowing an amazing feel while playing. Obviously the single cut away allows for easy access to the upper frets. Over-all, a very sturdy, comfortable, great looking and sounding guitar. This guitar will impress any level guitar player.


With a Fishman Presys System onboard, while plugged in, the Fusion 12 produces a clean, clear, and pristine tone. The system provides a volume control, phase switch, and a 3 band EQ allowing for lots of control over your tones. It also features an electronic tuner making it even more attractive to the Beginner guitarist. One less thing to worry about.


There are many finishes and models of the Fusion Series. Cordoba is a very distinguished Manufacturer of some very unique and exceptional guitars. This Classical line is no exception. Well built, great looking, amazing electronics and sound, and at an Intermediate price range that will not only accommodate Beginners pocket books, But, also provide a very good return on the investment should you decide that playing guitar is not for you.



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