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I am sure I mentioned this in a previous Article. SURPRISE

This is the “Feature Page” for The Best Guitar World. What does that mean? Well, this is where I am going to ask you to leave a short comment about yourself. How did you come to start playing Guitar? What do love, or maybe dislike about playing guitar?

Are you a Beginner? Maybe you are an Intermediate Player. Are you showcasing yourself Solo? Do you have a Band that plays gigs? Are you in a garage band?

This is what I meant when I said, it really doesn’t matter. Whether you are just beginning to learn, slowly advancing into an intermediate level guitar player, OR, your a Pro. We all have the same thing in common. We all LOVE guitar. I especially love the guitar for stress relief. If I am feeling stressed, I plug in and improvise to a slow, haunting, blues Backing Track. I get lost just in the music, and I just play how I feel. And I have to tell you, it is way better than Meditating…for me anyway.

Let Me Hear Your Story

Seriously, I find there is nothing better than chatting or telling about how I got into guitar. I am almost 59 years old, I have been playing, good, bad, and in between since I was 8 years old ?? I am far from a Pro, BUT, I love the guitar. The feel, the sound, the ability to make it sound good. Talking about guitars, guitar gear, solo’s. riffs, licks……I Love it. 

So, let’s hear your story.. leave me your name, and a short story about how you got involved, how long you have been playing, “anything” you want to share. What happens here….Stays here, So, anything goes, except of course for profanity, I certainly do not want to be shut down – lol.

At the end of each month, I will Post an Article with my choice of the best, most entertaining, original story. Your story will appear in an Article here, with your name, and, if you wish to, send me a clip of you playing guitar, practicing, improvising, jamming, “Whatever You Want” – IF, you want. If you prefer not to do a video of you playing guitar, that is fine to. But, as you will soon realize, this is a FUN place to be, and you will probably want to send something in.

So, leave me your message below, and we will chat real soon.

Who Knows – You Could Be This Months

Featured Online Guitar Player


PS – leave me your name, and best email to contact you should you be “Featured”

PPS – if you would like to learn how to become a MASTER – you may want to Check This Out!

Remember, this is not a Best guitarist Contest. This is simply chatting about our past, and maybe having a little fun with it besides ??



Until next time – Keep On Rockin ??





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