Top 10 Electric Guitar Brands


Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Brands:

Hello everyone, Glenn here with another edition of the “BEST OF”. Today, as promised, I am going to list the Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Brands. This list is comprised of 4 other lists that I researched, and they have all these Brands in various orders. I took the 4 lists and created a Single list of the Most popular listed Brands from all 4.

Again, these are lists created by professional artists, musicians, and Techies. They have certain criteria to follow, and they rank these Brands based on them. We all love what we love. Whether your favorite Brand is where you think it should be on the list, or even, if it doesn’t make the list at all It really doesn’t matter. It is all about what you prefer.

So, here is my list of the Top 10 Electric Guitar Brands today:

1.PRS Guitars:                                                 

I think this is my favorite electric guitar. The entry level gets you into a great electric guitar for under $700.00 CAD, and it sounds and feels as good as any electric guitar I have played. Their sleek design, and many different color variations make them one of the nicest looking guitars on the market today. But I always say, you hear with your ears, NOT your eyes.

You can read up on the History of PRS here:

2. Gibson:

Staying True to their reputation, the electric guitars made by Gibson have been, and always will be a household name. Although a lot of their guitars are pricey, some of them have a reputation to deserve the Hefty Price Tag. I, on the other hand, look for great quality YES, but I like to try to find it at a much lower cost than some of these. We touched on the History of the Gibson in an earlier Article. Here is a reminder should you want to read it again. What Are The BEST Brand Guitars? (

3. Fender: 


What can I say about the Fender electric guitars. The Fender Tele, and the Fender Strat, have been around for a long time. Two of the Most well-known guitars on the Market. But, they make a whole lot more designs than them. Again, because I am more of a Penny Pincher, I prefer the pricing of their Squire line, mainly because I can still get some of the Fender quality, built into a much lower costing guitar. We touched on the History of the Fender, But, just as a  just as a reminder, you can read up on their History here:

What Are The BEST Brand Guitars? (

4. Epiphone:


Like the Squire is to Fender, Epiphone is to Gibson. The Epiphone is merely an entry level brand of the Gibson guitar. You can get some of the high-quality Gibson features in a lower costing line of their guitars. These exact models are also available in many Fender Guitar Models and colors.

5. Rickenbacker:


One of the very first TRUE electric guitars. Their unusual look and superb sound make these guys one of the Most sought-after electric guitars. You read all about their famed History here:                                  Early History of Rickenbacker

                                        6. Squire


as mentioned earlier, this is the entry level Brand for Fender. You can get some of the highest quality features of a Fender, without the High Ticket!

7. Ibanez:

one of my favorite looking guitars. The Ibanez has long been considered a metal / hard rock guitar. Some of the designs and patterns help contribute to that image. Very respectable entry level pricing, and a tone that is remarkable.

8. Jackson:


another great metal / hard rock image. The Jackson Guitar is a well-known guitar that has designs and features that replicate other Big Brands. However, maybe not as popular, or as Iconic as some of the other Brands, Jackson has a feel and sound of its own. Its pretty hard to not like this guitar. The electronics and build of the Jackson line are exceptional. Read a little bit about their History here: FAQ’s | Ibanez guitars

9. Gretsch:


This line of electric guitars is praised by many for being the Ultimate guitar for Jazz. This was the actual intent when Gretsch first launched their line of guitars, and Still provide an amazing guitar for that type of Genre. The Gretsch Guitar, even outsold the Fender new additions back in the 50’s, and they were the first to use Custom Color Finishes…Read more about the “GRETSCH SOUND” here: History (

                                   10. Yamaha:


Yamaha makes an excellent electric guitar. I do not think they belong this far down on the list, But, like I said…. certain criteria are used to create these lists, and as you will soon see, there are a few GREAT Brands that didn’t even make the cut?? You can read about the Brand and History here: Brand and History – About Us – Yamaha Corporation



B.C. Rich & Dean placed 2 & 3 respectively on one list, but did not even make the top 10 on

3 other lists that I researched. ESP did make 2 of the 4 lists, But the others you see here were listed more often, and much higher up the lists. Charvel also placed on 2 lists, but not quite as high as these.

There are so many great Brands of Electric Guitars out there today. You Never have to pay an arm or a leg for a great sounding electric guitar. Of course, you can pay Thousands of dollars on some of the top models and signature series electric guitars, But, just know that there are way more electric guitars on the Market today that will not put you in the poor house!

As usual, I love hearing stories and comments here, Please leave any comments below ????????

Next time, The Top 3 Best Guitars For Beginners – until then……Rock On ????????????????

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PS – if you would like to shred one of these Electric guitars like a Pro – Go Here!


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  1. What a great post! I love the attention you place on each type of guitar.  I am even more impressed by your honorable mentions, the work you show in the post is only complimented by how much work this section shows that you put into it! If I was to add one point to the whole page… I would really like to know what some of the key features are to the guitars besides the look and the color. I have never bought a guitar in my life.. how would I choose? The all look great….

    • Thank you so much for those great comments Chris. I am just starting out so my actual content may be lacking in a few areas. I am planning on incorporating “REVIEWS” into my website as well, so in those reviews, the key features of the guitars I am reviewing will be a Main Focus. 

      I appreciate that note of Attention. After deciding on my Niche, and trying to break out some topics for Publishing, I realized I should maybe be listing the top 5 rather than the top 10. There is so much to discuss and feature about a guitar, and the top 10 is just way big. In fact, there was going to be a Top 10 Brand List, but then I decided there should be 3 Top 10’s. Top 10 Acoustic, Top 10 Electrics, and then, rather than 10, I think I will feature the 5 Top Recommended guitars for Beginners. This will certainly talk about the Action, pick-up types, body construction etc.

      Thanks again for your time, your feedback actually gave me another GREAT idea 👍👍


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